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How to become an EMT

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is the person who typically responds first in an emergency situation. They are the ones who provide life support such as CPR and wound treatment, and they stabilize patients before taking them to the hospital for further care. If this sounds like a job for you, then you first need to be focused and able to work under pressure.

Arriving on the scene of an emergency, whether big or small, can be tough and chaotic. You need to project authority and take in the facts of the scene, then get to work with helping the injured get stabilized. Finally, you have to have an interest in helping people, and as long as you keep that goal in mind you’ll be able to get through the rigors of the job.

emt training near me

The first step to becoming an EMT is to complete basic training, where you go to an emt training near me class and take the basics. You’ll learn about assessing patients, dealing with emergency situations, and using equipment in the field. Then you’ll need to pass an exam, and have three tries to do so. Once the exam is passed you will become certified and will be able to become an EMT.

Additional training and education is recommended if you want to go deeper into the field, but is not required. However, if you are looking to become a paramedic or advance your career in the first responder field, then more education is always valuable.

The more informed you are, the more lives you can save. Just keep calm under pressure, move fast, and use your training to help people who need it. After a while you get used to all the chaos and just get into the situation and do your job.

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